A Good Outline for Persuasive Essay Assignments

All modern students are required to submit logical and strong argumentative papers for their college or high school classes. Unfortunately, many of them fail to master the right outline for persuasive essay assignments. If you don’t have a clear and logical organizational plan, your ideas are not worthy. Before studying its basics, you should get acquainted with this type of essay.

Defining a Persuasive Essay

What is this essay all about? Its name means to convince and influence, so this type of academic writing requires students to use their personal views to adjust the opinions of the audience about the chosen topic. Persuaders need to use some rhetoric to grow their appeal on all readers. It’s an important skill that all successful students should master. All types of essays have their specific sets of norms, requirements, and rules, but their basic format usually consists of 5 paragraphs. The key purpose of any persuasive essay is to give your argumentative analysis of a given subject. This tool is used to develop your critical thinking skills and train you to explain your analysis in a structured manner.

The Importance of a Correct Topic Choice

Picking a good and fresh topic for your persuasive paper is a must. If you don’t know anything about it, you’re quite likely to kill your time instead of earning high grades. Make this choice wisely and do the necessary research about a specific theme. Most persuasive essay subjects ask students to pick a certain side in their argument and defend their stance. There are many helpful ideas that you can find online. Most of them are general matters, but they’re quite effective when training yourself toward writing the best essay. Teachers ask you to write about the topics specific to your course, but their format stays the same for this essay. Look for something debatable, informative, and original to make your argument stronger.

How to Develop a Winning Title

Creating a good title is one of the most difficult tasks that students need to complete. That’s why you should find and use an effective tutorial that provides you with helpful suggestions and guidelines. Basically, the main goal of any essay title is:

  • Predicting the essay content;
  • Identifying the right tone of your paper;
  • Catching readers’ attention.

How can you develop a winning essay title? Take the following steps to succeed easily:

  1. Read all assignment prompts attentively. Pay attention to any specific title requirements and ask a question in your title because it’s an effective way to arouse more curiosity.
  2. Choose a title after writing your persuasive essay because it should be based on your content.
  3. Think about the targeted audience both before and while completing this assignment. Consider their needs and thoughts when picking the best essay title.
  4. Use the main idea or quotes as a title. Choose something powerful and strong and look for the phrases that summarize the whole essay or highlight its basic idea.
  5. Look for a suitable title in the essay introduction. This paragraph must include a thesis statement and general idea, while a conclusion always restate a thesis and summarizes your analysis. Both of these paragraphs are good places to search for the keywords that will lead to a powerful title.
  6. Summarize your persuasive essay in a few words. Take a look at your result because it can become a catchy title.

Understanding the Right Format

When creating your outline for persuasive essay writing, keep in mind that this assignment should stick to a standard 5-paragraph style and follow specific academic standards. However, some topics can’t be explained and analyzed this way, so this paper offers more flexibility. All teachers want to test your ability to write a good persuasive paper. It may take a while to analyze and research the necessary content. Your outline usually depends on the chosen topic and the questions asked in prompts.

Effective Persuasion Methods

As you already know, persuasive papers are meant to convince and influence the audience. It can be difficult to persuade readers if you don’t have enough knowledge. That’s why you should use effective techniques that can help you succeed:

  1. Focus on the needs of your readers. It’s impossible to persuade everyone, so focus on people who are more likely to benefit from your content because writing for them will help you achieve more results.
  2. Use the right voice or tone. What you say plays a big role, just like how you say. The tone of your persuasive essay determines how readers will understand your messages and arguments, so use it consistently.
  3. Out yourself in their shoes. Think about the things that grab your attention when reading other essays to understand what can allure readers more.
  4. Stay focused and create situations where readers can answer your questions only positively. This technique may seem hard to newcomers, but all you need to do is asking questions that are complicated to challenge and making general statements.
  5. Touching different emotions. Your persuasive paper should arouse certain emotions in the audience.

Useful Tips for Outlining Your Paper

When looking for a helpful outline for persuasive essay writing, pay attention to this structure:

  1. The introduction that offer a brief presentation of the chosen subject, presents your side of this argument, presents both sides, and contains a thesis that expresses the validity of your argument.
  2. The main body that consists of a few body paragraphs that all contain separate informative topic sentences that get to the point, connections of your evidence with detailed explanations, and closing statements.
  3. The conclusion of your paper should restate a thesis, give readers some overall comment that calls to action, and summarize your explanations of every argument.

How to Outline the Essay Introduction

  1. Hook statements. If you need some help with starting a persuasive paper, there’s no better way than making a hook statement, which is a sentence that can excite the audience and should be related to the chosen topic of persuasion.
  2. Brief intro with backgrounds. Its length depends on your content and analysis, but each subject of your analysis must have 1 sentence.
  3. Thesis statement. It’s a core argument or point of discussion that your essay is based on. Most students prefer to write their body paragraphs before making this statement to understand what their content is about. It’s easier to write a thesis at the end instead of aligning other paragraphs to it because the strength and quality of your analysis may suffer.

Outlining Body Paragraphs

This part of your outline for persuasive essay writing also consists of some basic elements, such as:

  1. Topic sentences that introduce the main argument and include the words of emphasis. These are supportive and strong words that help you defend a statement.
  2. Arguments that serve as the meat of your essay. They are strong statements that serve an important purpose of persuading the targeted audience.
  3. Explanations and evidence. They can be facts or your data analysis, and their basic goal is helping you defend your argument while proving its authenticity.
  4. Concluding sentences. After explaining all defending arguments in detail, write these sentences to summarize your point in the most effective way. They should be your efficient and short summaries.

The number of body paragraphs may vary based on such basic factors as the subject of your analysis, academic requirements, theses, etc.

How to Organize a Concluding Paragraph

  1. Restating a thesis. Once you prove it in the main body, make it known in the essay conclusion. Rephrase this statement and make important conclusion points.
  2. Sum up all key points. Explain how all arguments defend your thesis and ensure that these brief explanations are logical and reasonable.
  3. Overall concluding statement. Ensure that all readers understand the importance and value of your persuasive paper and its main argument. If they take it into their serious consideration, your writing is successful.

General Writing Tips

When it comes to persuasive essay writing, most teachers ask to use Chicago and MLA formatting styles with specific margins, physical alignments, and other basic requirements that must be considered. Don’t overuse your vocabulary when completing this assignment. Use a variety of effective persuasion methods that suit your unique writing style. Prove that your point of view is stronger and more credible than the opposition.

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